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My path to animal massage

During my life, I followed different paths, my first one leading me to a well established pharmacist profession in France and a later one driving me to the Wild Yukon and its exciting dog mushing world.
No surprise! I fell in love with the amazing huskies and soon started mushing!
You already guessed why I became a canine massage practitioner.
By working with these amazing athletes  I knew how massage could be essential along with a proper training to prevent muscles injuries. But no place for guessing...I wanted to do it right! Among all the different schools I finally put my confidence in the one chosen by the International Sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association as a reference, the Northwest School of Animal massage.
Since my certifications I got the opportunity to work with Yukon Quest teams and Iditarod teams with really good results.
Living with sled dogs for 8 years, training them, helping my husband in races gave me a good knowledge on these crazy dogs ‘strength and weakness!
But huskies are not the only ones!
All active dogs, or senior dogs will benefit from massage sessions to keep them in top form, running, playing, jumping.....doing everything dogs like to do!

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My trainings in animal massage

Small animal massage certification

Northwest School of Animal massage

  • Dog behavior and handling

  •  Canine anatomy and Physiology

  •  Kinesiology / Biomechanics

  • Massage techniques

Performance specialty certification

Northwest School of Animal massage

  • Massage techniques applied to working and sports dogs.

  • Trigger and Stress points therapy

NBCAAM certification

It was  important to me to be certified by the U.S National Board of certification for animal acupressure and massage which reflect the highest professional standards of practice.

About: Resume
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