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When your dog moves with pain you feel the pain

When your sporting dog is less competitive you feel the frustration

When your aging best friend is slowing down, you feel sad

A professional canine massage therapist can help your dog !

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Maintenance massage

Appropriate for any dog at any stage of life.

This relaxing massage will help to decrease muscular tension, will improve joint flexibility , will assist circulation of body fluids and help to remove toxins.

Perfect for your running, hiking, bikejoring, skijoring companions !

Senior dogs love it!


Performance massage

The athlete dog will benefit from massage during intense training periods and before and after competition.
We will also have a closer look to stress points and trigger points. Treating these points is one of the key to reduce risk of physical injury.
All dogs being asked to raise their level of fitness through training or competition will highly benefit from performance massage.


Recovery massage

Dogs benefit from massage when recovering from an injury or from surgery. Massage reduces scarring and adhesion and ease the transition back to normal activity level.
With veterinarian approval only.



Are you interested in learning more about canine massage?

Sharing my knowledge is important to me

keep posted for the dates coming soon!

  • Massage for your aging dog .

  • How to improve performance

  • Maintenance massage basics


Kennel Visit

You need to have your racing team checked

Your retired dogs are getting sore

You want your handlers to know how to perform massage during the racing season

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Canine massage therapy is intended to work alongside veterinary treatment. It is never a substitute for veterinary care. Please consult with your veterinarian prior to massage if your dog has any health concerns.

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