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"J’ai rencontré Christiane à quelques jours du départ de l’iditarod. Elle a manipulé tous les chiens et sur cette course de 1600 km effectuée en moins de dix jours, j’ai terminé avec un attelage presque complet ( 1 seule chienne la plus âgée, fatiguée a été stoppée ) n’ayant eu à deplorer aucun problème musculaire ou de quelques ordres que ce soit . Une performance saluée par le staff de vétos de la course et dont je partage la fierté avec Christiane
Nicolas Vanier "

Nicolas Vanier


We unfortunately had no time to take pictures but spent a really great afternoon with Christiane from Whitehorse Canine Massage - she paid our kennel a visit and went through the race team. This lady really knows her stuff - identifying and fixing a few things on our dogs in a really productive session. And the dogs loved her. Good job and thanks! Especially for teaching us some on-the-trail techniques to take better care of our 4legged friends during the rigours of a mid-distance race."

Gwen & Jacob

stella et moi.jpg

Yeapee, I survived it. My massage. Remember: I, Stella, getting treated by the Whitehorse Canine Massage? It was super.
Although, in the beginning I was not so sure. (see picture) I even growled once, when Christiane touched a very delicate spot. But in the end she managed to make the pain go away and I felt so good afterwards. It is the iliopsoas and the sartorius muscle at my hip that bothered me. I sometimes am very stiff and limp a bit, especially after I have been laying outside in this kind of cool and moist weather. My human and Christiane from the Whitehorse Canine Massage hovered over me like two (arch?) angels and very patiently convinced me to hang on. In the end them two were completely covered with my hair, I felt like a 2-year old again and all three of us extremely happy!
So we are going to do this again, soon, and for a few weeks as I understand. My human makes all these arrangements and I just have to put up with it. Fine with me! I love my human.



A big THANK YOU to Christiane Champeval of Whitehorse Canine massage from our amazing lead dog Sonic. He says his back feels awesome (as you can see from his huge smile) and he can't wait to have you back!. Christiane is a master at canine massage and we look forward to having her work her magic on the huskies in our kennel, and training our guides in the future

Sonic Sky High Wilderness Ranch

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